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We breed working German Shepherd dogs with correct, balanced temperaments . We home raise our German Shepherd puppies, intervening at critical stages to optimize their development. We compete our dogs to prove their quality. Please explore our pages to see our imported European German Shepherds & offspring. Visit often as we frequently have new content.

Welcome to Haus Dooling German Shepherds

German Shepherd dogs have been bred for over a century to be an all around service dog.  Today they are used as Guide Dogs for the Blind, for Search & Rescue, Military, Narcotics Detection, Bomb Detection, Police Work, Sport Dog, Obedience, Tracking, Therapy Dog and most of all Home Guardian and Companion. We continue to strive to produce working German Shepherd dogs with, above all, correct balanced temperaments .  These dogs are alert, active, immensely trainable and beautiful to behold.  The breeding selections are the result of careful planning to achieve the balanced dog with correct athletic structure.

We breed German Shepherd puppies in Nebraska & we have been competing in the sport of Schutzhund since 1988.  We have a small operation characterized by the personal touch, located around Omaha, Nebraska.

Our claim to quality is backed by exceptional genetics and excellent working temperaments. Our Working Titles in the sport of Schutzhund reflect correct working temperament.  Schutzhund is a 3 part sport as is a triathlon, consisting of accurate & precise Tracking, energetic & happy Obedience, courageous & obedient Protection work.  Our German Shepherd dogs have courage, stamina, well-balanced drives and above all absolute obedience.

Schutzhund is now called IPO  Here is an excellent article about why IPO Titles are important & what they test.  The reader can learn a lot about the correct temperament of a German Shepherd Dog from this article.  I highly recommend that any GSD aficionado  read it. http://www.germanshepherddog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/IPO-PROTECTION-Website-Updated.pdf

Susan Dooling has been awarded the USCA Gold Sports Medal for training achievements & is a member of the USCA Schutzhund 3 Club for training a dog from BH to IPO 3. Susan has earned:
SchH3/IPO3 X 11, 3 of these were at National level Competitions with 2 top 10 placings
SchH2/IPO2 X 3
SchH1/IPO1 X 5
OB3 X 1
TR1 X 3
BH X 6

Susan has been exclusively training BHOT dogs=Bred (by Handler), Handler-Owner Trained dogs for the past 5 years.

Jace came out of retirement in 2015 to play a cameo role in the movie American Honey starring Shia Labeouf, directed by Oscar winner Andrea Arnold. He was a big hit with the cast & crew & was given royal treatment! It was very exciting & interesting to be on the movie set during shooting. Tyler Forke handled Jace on the 2nd day of filming & did a great job of showing off Jace’s talents. Thank you, Tyler. We are very proud of Jace & his additional 15 minutes of fame!

Read more here:  http://www.omaha.com/sarpy/papillion/canine-cameo/article_ddfd8b14-531e-5b12-89a1-8a2ef054d1ff.html

Check out our dogs & German Shepherd puppies.  We are very proud of them.


Carly is the three year old daughter of a Yes von der Hegge and Javir vom Talka Marda breeding.

Carly vom Haus Dooling, AD, IPO 3 earned IPO 1 with 90-93-96 for 279 under USCA judge Randall Hoadley. IPO 2 was 273 with High in Trial, Tracking 98. She has now twice "V"d Protection. I am proud of her & excited for the future.


Demi is now IPO 3!  She has huge drive-food & toy drive & she's got qualities of a podium dog in OB.

She's extremely confident, pushy, dominant & over the top in prey drive & she goes all out all the time.


Jace, a SchH3 dog, is a big handsome dog and powerful in the work. He is V-rated in Protection with 98 pts.

Jace is incredibly pronounced in Fight-Drive yet is absolutely trustworthy and clear in his head with balanced drives.


Our foundation female, Yes von der Hegge has passed peacefully.  We owe much to Yes & remember her joyful & exuberant style as well as her supreme confidence.  Yes was so named because she enthusiastically embraced everything, and so she did till the very last.  Yes had 3 litters for me & those puppies who went to working homes all titled, some quite impressively, including Caper vom Haus Dooling who represented Canada in the World Universal Sieger Competition where dogs are evaluated for their working ability as well as for conformation.  

Most of Yes' offspring have more important jobs as home companions & guardians where their loyalty, devotion & alert watchfulness is of endless value.  We treasure all the letters & photos we get from owners appreciating the correct & balanced temperaments we produce.


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Max Von Stephanitz

“Take this trouble for me: make sure that my shepherd dog remains a working dog for I have struggled all my life long for that aim.”

-Max von Stephanitz, father of the german shepherd dog