Our dogs are Working dogs that look good. We believe German Shepherd Working dogs routinely show more temperament strength than Conformation  dogs.  We choose Temperament over Conformation always.

Congratulations to Jennifer Jones-Fischer & 2015 Quebec Universal Siegerin Caper vom Haus Dooling.  Caper & Jenn made the Team to represent Canada at FCI World Universal Sieger Championship in 2016 & again in 2017.


Caper is out of our Yes von der Hegge by Javir vom Talka Marda


Yes Von Der Hegge

Working Dog Profile

Yes is now 7 X SchH III / IPO III !!  She was 2nd at the 2010 Mid Central Regionals & also competed at 2010 USA German Shepherd Dog Championships in Nevada in November.  Yes is a flashy, quick dog of unsurpassed joy, embracing everything.  She is dominant with unending confidence & has a natural full grip which she has passed on to all of last year’s offspring.  Yes has given us 3 excellent litters of puppies with working temperaments. 

Hips "a" normal, Elbows Normal

Jace v Sitz von der Hose

Working Dog Profile

Jace, SchH III, is a big handsome dog & powerful in the work,  He is V-rated in Protection with 98 pts. & Pronounced in Fight Drive yet he is absolutely trustworthy & clear in his head with balanced drives.  He is a son of Escobar v. Adelrik, World ViceMeister 2004 & is a full brother to Jai Olgameister who in 2008 was 1st in H.O.T. Trials & 2nd at the North American Championships. Jace won the Mid Central Regionals 2010 & Tied for 3rd, placing 5th at 2010 USCA Nationals in Carson City, NV with a score of 284!

Hips OFA Good 

Jace is in the movies! He has a cameo role in American Honey starring Shia Labeouf.


Demi vom Haus Dooling

Working Dog Profile

Demi vom Haus Dooling, IPO III, born 5/1/2011 was also bred by me. She's out of my imported bitch SG Yes von der Hegge IPO3, FH1, LG competitor & UScA Nationals competitor. Like her dam, Demi is extremely flashy & quick with unsurpassed joyfulness, embracing everything. She's extremely confident, pushy, dominant & over the top in prey drive & she goes all out all the time. From her sire she gets that famous Lierburg serious side & is sure to bring natural aggression to the protection field. 

Her sire is Ajay Singh's very successful import V Mac von der Kine, IPO3, (BSP) FH.  MAC qualified for BSP 2010 from LG 13 with 96-91-94 (placing 5th).  Amazingly this dog was then 53rd at the BSP (95-80-93) with his 1st time SchH handler!  Every competitor understands the enormity of this accomplishment!  Mac also competed at Landes -FH1 & placed 4th (96 pts) & received his FH2 (96).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owggDzWuelo

Demi has huge drive-food & toy drive & she's got qualities of a podium dog in OB.  She's genetically built to tuck her butt & stays properly positioned when capped in drive, very quick, energetic & animated in OB. She works the same for food or toy. Very pushy.  We're very excited about her!  She is compact, smart & full of desire to work cooperatively.

She is equally promising in Prot. & shows a serious side is waiting to be tapped.  She's fast, hard, lots of possessiveness, fights hard for the prize, has good barking, targets well & launches. Helluva jumper & doesn't care where she goes-tunnels, moving & shifting surfaces, etc. 

Demi is a natural tracker with a deep nose & lots of desire.  Watch for her!

Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal


Boudicca de Poputchik

Working Dog Profile

Boudi, 7/04/2012, is a joyful, drivey, powerfully built & athletic, quick & fast.  She is excellent in the work scoring 280 in IPO 2 while earning the coveted “V” (Excellent) valuation placed on her performance in both the Tracking & Protection phases.  Additionally, while Boudi is social she is also a serious & natural protector, a trait that is desirable but not so common anymore.  She has correct temperament & balanced drives & she clearly demonstrates a thinking mind, eager to please & learn & perform.  She loves to work!
A big thank you to breeder Marcelo Julious for entrusting me with this exceptional female.  Thanks also to Ajay Singh, owner of sire, Mac von der Kine, for the referral.
Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal


Carly vom Haus Dooling

Working Dog Profile

Carly, born 2010, is the daughter of my Yes & the very famous Javir vom Talka Marda breeding. She has all the confidence, drives & bite behaviors required to compete at the top. I have never had a dog easier to train than this one; her natural retrieve is spectacular!

Carly vom Haus Dooling, AD, IPO 3 with 96 in Protection earned IPO 2 with a 98 in Tracking, and High in Trial! Previously she earned IPO 1: 90-93-96. She has "V" rated 2 X in Protection. Took home high IPO 1, High Obed., High Prot., High in Trial. We are now proud members of USCA's elite Sch 3 Club! I am so proud of Carly. Carly competed at 2015 USCA GSD National Championships.  While she did have a hiccup in Protection (handler’s training error) she showed admirably in all phases.  We were especially pleased with her Tracking.  Carly is now retired from competition & is  Queen of the Kennel. .

Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal, DM Free

Littermate Cash is IPO 3 

Littermate Chloe got her IPO 2 with a 260.

Littermate Chance has IPO 3, FH, AD

Littermate Caper was Quebec Universal Siegerin & represented Canada in the 2016 FCI World Universal Sieger Championship with a very good showing.  The judge did remark on her excellent protection.  Caper will again represent Canada in 2017.  AWESOME!


Gipsi vom Haus Dooling

Working Dog Profile

Gipsi, 5/08/2015, a Carly/Iwo von der Olgameister daughter bred by me is just as exciting as her dam!  She has all the correct drives & behaviors, has good pigment & structure & lovely, free movement.  She is progressing in the work, loves the fight & has a powerful grip like her dam.  She too is quick, fast, athletic, willing & eager.

Watch for her in 2017.


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