Demi vom Haus Dooling, IPO 3, has been bred to Narvik vom Hessenstein.  Litter expected in February 2017 with puppies ready to go end of April!


Narvik vom Hessenstein:

Narvik was bred to Demi's dam, Yes von der Hegge, with such outstanding results that we are breeding Narvik to Yes' daughter, Demi.  Horst Knoche, breeder of Javir vom Talka Marda, stated that Narvik's bloodlines must not be lost.  We excitedly anticipate an outstanding working litter.  Puppies from Narvik have also made fine pets in active homes.  Reservations expected after whelping end of February

Puppies due in Feb. & ready for new homes early April, 2016.


Boudicca de Poputchik, IPO 2,OFA H&E, Good and Normal.  Now in season and soon to be bred.  Stay tuned!.








Puppies (click to enlarge)



Our Puppies

We start with superior genetics then, knowing the behavior stages of puppy development, we raise our puppies with appropriate stimulation and challenges during each critical growth stage to develop a confident individual with sound temperament.  Our puppies are whelped in the house and we begin immediate handling, imprinting and stimulation.  We expose them to all the household noises and flooring surfaces.  Then at four weeks of age they move outdoors to experience a whole new world of stimulation including more surfaces, moving and see-through surfaces, tunnels, water and more.  At each critical growth stage they get appropriate imprinting.  They have a separate bathroom area so they remain clean and will be easy to house train or kennel train for cleanliness.  The end result is a well-adjusted puppy read to greet the world with confidence.

Never buy a shy or fearful puppy.  Never buy from a dealer, pet-shop or puppy-mill.  Always meet the parents when possible.